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    Believe in Yourself

    Why is it important to believe in yourself? To create the life you desire, you must believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a prerequisite for moving forward in your business and personal life. Believe in yourself, your abilities, skills, and passions to go ahead in what you aspire to do. Self-confidence allows you to manage and inspire others with assurance and direction. Self-belief or confidence requires a holistic approach. First, you need to take control of your thoughts and feelings to achieve your peak state. Don’t let others control your thoughts and feelings about yourself.  Increase confidence in your abilities and love your unique attributes about yourself. Stop the negative talk…

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    Does Your Body Language Say What You Want?

    Does Your Body Language Disagree with Your Words? Does your body language say what you want it to say?  Our behaviors and characteristics convey meaning without the use of words.  Nonverbal communication is present in most interpersonal conversations.  We communicate via facial expressions, tone, pace, loudness, clothing, eye behaviors (occulisics), gestures (kinesics), posture, touch, and smell.  In addition, the new electronic technologies have added to our nonverbal communication with emoticons, pauses, capital letters, and more.  Nonverbal communication often conveys more information than verbal communication.  It is the primary means of communicating emotion. Your Body Tells When You Are Lying People don’t always say what they think or feel.  However, the…

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