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    Express Your Style With Your Wardrobe

    Express your style in a curated closet. Express your style with the clothes you wear from your curated wardrobe.  A curated wardrobe is organized into three sections (clothes, shoes, and accessories).  The sections for clothes are divided into blouses, pants, skirts, and jackets.  All items are grouped by similar colors, blue skirts, black shoes, etc.  This organization makes it easy to find and put together coordinated outfits.  Additional organizational tactics exist, but for now, you can see how this helps put together your outfits quickly and easily.  Curating your closet also helps when editing your closet to see what does not work for you.  And yes, this is a service…

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    Know Your Best Colors

    Colors have an Effect on You and Others. Did you know that dressing well, which includes wearing your correct colors, can support mental wellness? The colors you wear and the colors you surround yourself affect you as well as those around you. Research shows that dressing the way you want to feel can increase your ability to feel and act accordingly. Dressing the part also gives your mind a chance to distract itself from worries by practicing creativity, improving mood, and a more positive outlook. People respond to what you wear Research also demonstrates that the way you look, including the colors you wear, influences how people respond to you. …

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