Stop Impulse Buying! Know Your Style, Colors, and Body Type

Too Much StuffToo many clothes, but nothing to wear?  Stop impulse buying NOW!

Are you an impulse buyer?

Are you tired of having clothing in your closet with tags still on because you never wore them? You may be impulse buying. One way to stop impulse buying is to know your style, colors, and body type. Do you know your style? Are you conservative, artsy, romantic, fashionista, sporty casual, etc., or a blend of style types? What is your current lifestyle? Are you a young mom or student who has been wearing jeans and t-shirts going back to work at the bank or beauty salon? Or are you a retired businesswoman planning to travel, volunteer, or start your own business? When entering a new era in your life or visiting other countries, it is wise to learn what is acceptable in that new venue or country.

Are you a “not enough” person?

Do you feel you are not enough; you don’t have enough—sleep, time, clothes, and things? Are you an impulsive shopper? We are constantly bombarded by marketing that tells us we are not enough; we need to buy more things. One detour of this thinking is to know what we need and not buy on impulse.

Did you know if you are having a difficult time deciding on decorating a room, you can go to your closet and note the colors or patterns you love to wear for clues on your home decorating? You can take a free online color test to get an idea of what colors look best on you for your wardrobe on this website. The colors also apply to your make-up and accessories. Another way you can decide on colors and styles for your home and wardrobe is to make an idea board or Pinterest page of what you like or cut out pictures in magazines and save them in a book to notice patterns in your taste and style.

We wear different clothes for different activities in our lives and other times.

What we wear projects an image of who we are to others. How do you feel when you wear certain clothes? Do you feel unique, confident, feminine, young, old, happy, playful, joyful, depressed, unmotivated, unsure, or childish?

Style categories are not locked in steel but are intended as guidelines for you to create your unique style.

Take time to learn what image you want to represent your authentic self. What are the character traits you want to express to others? For example, “I am a joyful, caring, teacher”, “I am ______, _______, and __________.”  Fill in traits you want to say about yourself. Try getting traits from people in the Bible or other beautiful sources of character traits to emulate.

Once you know your style, learn how best to dress your body type. Sign-up to take a free body analysis Quiz and understand how different body types wear similar outfits in our Closet Outfit Planners. For example, the style concept of column dressing advises that those with a defined waistline and broader hips are best wearing a top in one color and pants or a skirt in another with an over jacket matching the bottoms. This deemphasizes the hips and derriere and accents the waist. Those with a tummy and significant bust look best wearing a matching top and pants with a contrasting jacket. Instead of a coat in the summer or hot weather, it can be a sheer light kimono or cover.

Ask yourself every time you are about to buy a piece of clothing or accessories if it supports these traits, your colors, and your body type. If you stop and think about these criteria before you purchase, it will reduce, if not eliminate, impulse buying.

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