Your Shoes Say A Lot About Your Style

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Are you someone who will endure pain to be stylish?  Do you place comfort over appearance?  Are you wearing shoes until they fall apart?  Do you take meticulous care of your shoes, or are they in need of a shine?  Your shoes can make or break your image.  The same outfit with high heels compared to flip-flops takes you from the office party to the beach.  Your shoes tell people where you are going or wish you were going.  Worn shoes make you look unkempt and do not speak well for you or your sense of style but rather the lack of style and good essential grooming. On the other hand, careful people have well-kept shoes with a sense of wardrobe coordination and technique.

Types of shoes tell different stories.

Boots can represent authority; think of the military and police.  High heels not only add height but emphasize the ankle and calf, imparting sexiness. In comparison, tennis shoes are for the athletic people who strive to be healthy or require comfort, perhaps due to foot problems.  Europeans say they can spot Americans because they are wearing tennis shoes when touring, and apparently, Europeans only wear them at the gym.  Mary Jane’s and ballet shoes are worn for comfort, which appeals to the practical person.  Extroverts will be the ones who wear the shoes to catch your attention, from high platforms to glow in the dark colors.

If you could only afford one pair of shoes, what color should you buy?

If you could only have one pair of shoes and one purse to take on a trip, what would be the best color choice?  According to Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith, it would be your hair color because it gives a pulled-together look from top to bottom.  The exception is people with white hair may go light beige since white is limited to summer.  Redheads with a warm copper tone to their hair will get a copper-red or burnt orange-brown purse, but those with burgundy red hair will go with a burgundy color purse.  Having your shoes and bag the color of your hair eliminates the need to bring several purses and shoes along when traveling and is accessible on the budget.  Of course, you can get shoes and handbags in your pop colors for other occasions in your closet.

Shoes make a statement about your personal style. So what do your shoes say about your style?

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