15 Ways to Improve Your Self-Image


Your self-image is improved by good posture, hygiene, flattering hairstyle, manicured nails, best colors, personal style, fit and cut of clothes, body language, number of accessories, and their scale to your features and body.

senior exercising
Senior exercising to boost self-image


  1. Maintain good posture.  When you have good posture, you look more alert and confident.
  2. Practice good hygiene from head to toe.
  3. Find and maintain a hairstyle that flatters your shape, face, and head in proportion to your body.
  4. Maintain an appropriate manicure and pedicure by you or a professional.  Your colors, career, and lifestyle will determine your shape, length, and color choice.
  5. Know your best colors.  You can take the free quiz mentioned on this website or schedule a consultation.
  6. Learn how to create your style statement.
  7. Know your body type to select clothing that accents your best features.
  8. Dress for success: Wear clothes that make you feel good and that fit well.
  9. Get in shape: Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods to feel better about your body.
  10. Talk to yourself positively: Avoid negative self-talk, and focus on your positive qualities.
  11. Be aware of your body language.
  12. Learn the 16 Point Accessory Rules.  Ok, if you are like me, you hate rules but think of them as guidelines to not be underdressed or overdressed. Contact me for them.
  13. Wear accessories such as purses, size of the jewelry, and hats as well as prints to your scale size of features, height, and weight.
  14. Find a role model: Find someone with the kind of self-image you’d like to have, and learn from them.
  15. Be realistic of your expectations: Maybe your bone structure will not allow you ever to be a size three but perhaps a size 10.



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