Our services are designed to help you achieve your best look.  To do so, you need to wear the right outfits, colors, accessories, styles, and a confident attitude. In addition, it is important to have the right mindset about your self-image because the way you see yourself will mirror how others see you. So use our services to make the most of what you’ve got and start looking fabulous today.

You will have increased self-confidence with our products and services. In addition, you will project your best image and unique personal style with proper grooming, body language, wardrobe,  and accessories.

Many women pay over $200 for a haircut and color/weave and repeat that every four to six weeks.  When you have your colors and style consultations, they will last for decades unless you change your hair color.  However, we have an Update Service at a reduced rate if you do make a change.   When you use our services, you are investing in yourself, and you are worth it.

Personal Color Analysis: – Learn the colors that are best for you Color analysis

      • Get your digital color palette to have on your phone when you go shopping.  A digital color palate is an important tool when you purchase wardrobe items and accessories.  It includes high-definition digital color fabric photos in 36 shades, including seasonal trend colors.  You can use it on most Apple or Android phones, tablets, and computers.
      • The Digital Color Collection is automatically updated 4 times per year, i.e., spring, summer, fall and winter, to include seasonal trend colors. In addition, the product will automatically update when the purchaser refreshes their access link.  Your product link is sent to you by email upon purchase. In addition, it contains a guiding document on how to share the Collection with your electronic device.
      • Learn color combinations for your contrast and the psychology behind your colors, and how to use them to your advantage – personally and professionally.
      • A color session includes color draping in person or online, your digital signature colors, color combinations specific to your coloring/contrast level, and accessory consultation (colors for shoes, jewelry, glasses, etc.).
      • Best make-up colors
      • After your 90 minute Color Analysis you will receive a PowerPoint of what we went over to keep for future reference
      • Print outs emailed to you for accessory tips

Your Digital Color Collection is included in your one-to-one personal color analysis.  It stores on most Apple or Android phones, tablets, and computers.  $225

Stylist aids woman with wardrobe


Style Consultation

Learn your personal style and where to shop for it.

      • Learn your basic image type and body line, and design.  Then you can dress who you are and make the most of what you’ve got with ease every day.
      • Discover styles that fit and flatter your body, personality, and lifestyle.
      • Based on your face shape, body proportions, features, and stature, you will learn what your most flattering necklines, the shape of glasses, jewelry size and shape, length of jackets, skirts, slacks, fabrics, print size, and hem lengths are best for you and support your authentic style.  $150 per hour

Closet Editing

Closet curating

      • Keep it.  It fits, is your color, flatters your shape, and is in good condition.
      • Toss it.  It is in bad condition.
      • Donate it.  It is in good condition but does not meet the ‘keep it’ category.
      • Organize
      • Purchase items you need to complete your wardrobe.
          • $125 an hour

Wardrobe Planning

Learn how to curate your closet like a museum curates its collections.

      • How to put outfits together that are in your closet.
      • Having a “grab and go” wardrobe for different occasions.  $125 per hour

Closet Outfit Planners (COP)

      • You will learn how to build outfits in your closet and know what to add to make the perfect outfit.  These will be based on your colors and are available for each season with the year’s trend colors.  The Closet Outfit Planner is a customized seasonal capsule wardrobe planner.  A planner is offered in each of the six Color Codes.  It is built around the seasonal, on-trend colors most flattering to your specific Color Code Assignment. In addition, it includes 27 hand-selected pieces for the purchaser’s inspiration with over 150 outfit examples and shopping links to purchase the pieces you may need.  Suggestions for your body type are included next to each outfit.  The Closet Outfit Planner is a great addition to your style consultation.
      • For your color’s planner.  See our Products Tab above regarding our seasonal subscriptions.  

Consultation Combinations Save You Money!

Color Analysis and Style Consultation are offered at a Special Package Price. $325.


What if you need a little help?  (For our existing clients only)

For speedy answers to your questions, you get a 30-minute call on Facetime for $45.

You gained weight and need help with what to wear to look slimmer.

What to wear for a wedding?

Should I buy this blouse, dress …?

How to dress for a specific job interview?

What to wear for a professional picture?

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Need an Image Update?  Unlock your full beauty potential!

All Color and Style Clients, you can get an update at a reduced cost.  Since lifestyles change as well as our bodies and coloring you can amp up your look with new ideas centered around your specific questions about color, style, wardrobe, and makeup to move stylishly into the next decade.  $95 per hour.

Our services begin with a phone or video call and emails to get to know you better.  From there, together, we can determine a plan of action that best suits your needs.

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