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The Closet Outfit Planner is an incredible tool that will help you grow in your style confidence and take the stress out of dressing each day.

🌸Is getting dressed a daily struggle? 

🌸Do you have SO MANY CLOTHES but can’t find anything to wear?

🌸Do you feel like you’ve lost your style?

🌸Are you tired of throwing money away on clothes you never wear?  

   There is a solution and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is!

The 2024 Summer Closet Outfit Planner  $39

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The 2024  Summer- Closet Outfit Planner shows you how to build a full season’s wardrobe with just 27 pieces.  Many of the items are already in your closet! 12 additional pieces are added with the Summer Lookbook!  You can order your Closet Outfit Planner here ==>JUST CLICK on the link below. https://www.stylebycolor.com/a/2147856246/3FLB2ExL  

You can order gift certificates and ease the stress of shopping and wrapping!

CLICK HERE ==>   https://www.stylebycolor.com/a/2147856247/3FLB2ExL


Elevate your style with this planner filled with fresh color palettes and inspiration. The carefully selected pieces will motivate you to new levels of confident outfit planning while helping you curate a beautiful Summer wardrobe.

In addition, their are outfit pairings for Running ErrandsSunday Brunch,  Holiday Gatherings, Weekend Get-a-Ways, Sports & Leisure, Evenings Out and Celebrations.  We’ve carefully considered the clothes you might need for all kinds of events. We’ve got you covered with expert outfit inspiration that will ensure you feel beautiful and confident no matter what the day brings!

Outfit planning has never been so easy!

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This wardrobe plan incorporates four colors (two neutrals and two trending shades) that complement your coloring and work together to make fabulous outfits for any and every occasion.
Women have ALL kinds of feelings about wearing swimwear but I want to encourage you to come at it from a fresh perspective. Don’t be afraid to focus on what you LIKE about your body, instead of hiding what you don’t like.
To successfully choose a great suit and wear it with confidence, the first place to start is your BODY SHAPE. That’s where the Closet Outfit Planner comes in! This digital tool contains what you need to determine your body shape so you can dress it well.
The Summer Closet Outfit Planner & Lookbook comes complete with 80+ outfits.  All you have to do is copy an outfit  – without having to think about it! The carefully selected pieces will motivate you to new levels of confident outfit planning while helping you curate a beautiful wardrobe.  You have the option to be creative in how you put the outfits together but use the selections as a guide.
You also get an Accessory Guide plus a Color Key section that includes trending patterns for Summer 2024. Your pairings pages are filled with outfit inspiration that will keep you feeling fresh, relevant, and beautifully styled this season.


Click HERE to order https://www.stylebycolor.com/a/2147856246/3FLB2ExL 


Light virtual color swatches

If you don’t know your colors to order your Closet Outfit Planner

Take the FREE Style by Color Quiz 


Or contact me for a 90 minute virtual color analysis where you will get your digital signature colors, contrast level, accessory scale consultation, best hair color, make-up, shoes, and jewelry tips for $225.  This includes a PowerPoint that you can reference in the future and handouts to assist you regarding accessories.

Contact me at karen@nulltheimagedoctor.org and let me know how I can help you and if you have any questions.

Commonly Asked Questions

What if I don’t know which Color Code to order for my Closet Outfit Planner?  
 If you don’t know your Color Code, take our Free Color Quiz and after completing the quiz it will show you which Closet Outfit Planner to order.  See above.
How do I save my planner to my device?
Open the COP on your preferred device.  Go to the Internet browser bar and click the star on the three vertical dots to open the Favorites Folder/Bookmark.  Select the folder you wish to store the document link and Select “save”.
How can I know my body type?  Take the body type quiz.  Request it from karen@nulltheimagedoctor.org.

My Book below answers the often complex and, at times overwhelming issues of aging that face caretakers and family members.

Home Again: Create Healing Places And Resources for Senior Care by Karen McGraa, PH.D.



Your image goes beyond how you appear physically, but also how you feel.  How and where you live has a significant impact on how you feel.  I wrote this book for senior clients and those who love and care for them but is also useful for anyone who wants to create a healing place.  Tip #1 is to know your colors!

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