Know Your Best Colors

Woman wearing her neutral colors.

Colors have an Effect on You and Others.

Did you know that dressing well, which includes wearing your correct colors, can support mental wellness? The colors you wear and the colors you surround yourself affect you as well as those around you. Research shows that dressing the way you want to feel can increase your ability to feel and act accordingly.

Dressing the part also gives your mind a chance to distract itself from worries by practicing creativity, improving mood, and a more positive outlook.

People respond to what you wear

Research also demonstrates that the way you look, including the colors you wear, influences how people respond to you.  Research indicates that men prefer yellow-based colors and women prefer blue-based colors.  Now that does not mean you guys should wear a green suit for an interview.  Black is great if you are interviewing as a CEO but wearing a navy suit (if navy is your color) might help in the interview, as black may make the CEO feel you are looking for his job.  The psychology of color is determined by life experiences and associations, culture, and more.  Marketers know well how color impacts purchases and use it all of the time.  If you want to present yourself in the best light, you must know and wear the correct colors in well-fitted clothing with the correct lines for your shape.

Not all are equal and appropriate.  You need different colors for different situations.

Not all of your colors will be appropriate for all occasions.  If you work in a conservative environment, select your neutral colors with your pop colors as accents or some snazzy earrings like the model above to give a more elegant and classy look.  Wear your pop color as your main dress for a special occasion to stand out. For example, that red dress for the Christmas party will be great! Yes, all color groups have a red, but you need to know which red is best for you, which blue is your best blue, and should you eliminate black from your wardrobe?

After reading this and you still ask why have your colors done? If you don’t know the best colors for you, please make an appointment.  We can analyze your colors in person or online. It will save you time, money, decision fatigue when shopping and spark your self-confidence.

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