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How is this system different than other color programs?

Programs popular in the 1970s did not take into consideration the hair color. Instead, they often covered the person’s hair and based the color selection on skin tone and eyes.  When wearing colors not considering the hair color, which is a prominent viewable characteristic, the problem was that people were not looking their best.  In addition, the situation determines the most appropriate color to be worn from your pallet. Therefore, we include determining your body type, scale, hair, makeup, personal style, lifestyle, for the situation you are dressing, and wardrobe selection in our services offered.

How can I get my color analysis online?

We can meet virtually using facetime or zoom.  This meeting is scheduled when you contact us and make an appointment.  Remember your time zone, so there is no confusion.

How do I pay for the color analysis or other desired image consulting services? 

The Image Doctor uses PayPal.

What do the services cost?

Cost is determined by the services rendered and if it is an individual or group setting.  See services offered in the service tab on this website.

How will I remember my best colors?

A digital color swatch will be provided to you as part of the color analysis service.  You can carry your colors on your cell phone to have them with you when you are shopping.   If you wish to have fabric samples, you can purchase them online with a hyperlink provided during your consult session.

How would you help me with my closet edit if I am out of the state or the country?

We would facetime so that I can see your closet.  Then you would get advice on how to prepare for the closet edit, so we do not waste time. Then, finally, we would get back together on facetime for the actual edit.




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