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Women shopping their stylesExpress your style in a curated closet.

Express your style with the clothes you wear from your curated wardrobe.  A curated wardrobe is organized into three sections (clothes, shoes, and accessories).  The sections for clothes are divided into blouses, pants, skirts, and jackets.  All items are grouped by similar colors, blue skirts, black shoes, etc.  This organization makes it easy to find and put together coordinated outfits.  Additional organizational tactics exist, but for now, you can see how this helps put together your outfits quickly and easily.  Curating your closet also helps when editing your closet to see what does not work for you.  And yes, this is a service The Image Doctor offers.

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Stop buying clothes you don’t wear.  Know what you love and what looks best on your body type.  Select your personal style over trends promoted by the fashion industry that use professional models.  So what is style anyway?  Style is a way person expresses themselves through clothing, writing, or some other creative outlet.  We deal with your personal style, or how you express yourself through your clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and assemble an outfit.

Your style is timeless whether you follow or do not follow fashion trends.  Follow and be true to your aesthetic.  Find your personal style by developing a sense of self, not following trends.  Sure it can be fun to have a few trendy pieces if they look great and speak to your aesthetic (style).

How can you express your style?

How do you find your sense of self?  Allow time for self-discovery.  Look into your own closet and select your favorite outfits for the different life activities you are involved in, such as work, school, social gatherings, semi-formal events, formal events.  You get the idea.  Your favorite outfit for work is not the same as the outfit you would wear at a formal event or a ball game.  Then ask yourself what it is about these pieces that make you happy?  What do they have in common?  Is there a favorite design label, favorite color, certain fit, or another thing that seems to reoccur in your selections?

What family, friends, and celebrities styles do you admire?  What is it about their style that resonates with you?  Look into their casual, formal, and work attire.  Who is the celeb’s stylist and search them for ideas.  Also, check stylist’s blogs and fashion magazines.

Find styles you most identify and meet your desired image.

Learn about different style types and which one you most identify.  It may be a combination.  Begin by asking yourself what words resonate with you.  Would you describe yourself as fashion-forward, elegant, sophisticated, classic, playful, natural, whimsical, or some other word?  Google famous people you admire and their designers’ names to create a notebook of ideas for your favorite style looks and apply modifications to make them suit you.

After you have found outfits that you can identify with your type, create a collection on Pinterest or do a physical style vision board.  Note similarities in your choices and choose a few of your favorites.  We can help you with this, but it helps if you do some of this prep work beforehand to know and understand what is truly your style.  Discovering your style, like building your wardrobe, takes time and changes in different life stages. For example, Bobbie Brooks may have been a favorite in your teens and 20’s, but in your 60’s you may prefer Jones of New York.

What does a capsule wardrobe do for your style?

Combined with your style and color analysis, we can create a capsule wardrobe.  The capsule wardrobe is a collection of basics you can mix and match. Your capsule wardrobe sets the foundation for more exciting pieces and continuity in your image style. We offer wardrobe planners for the seasons and annual color updates for your unique color code to keep you current.  The Closet Planner can also act as a template to coordinate your outfits.

Learn more on how to express your style personality further.  There are several ways to do this.  You can experiment with unique pieces,  play with fashion accessories, pop colors, different types of prints, and textures to learn what makes you feel good and look great. As you continue further in your image analysis, our services also address the best lines for your proportions and body type, best undergarments, swimsuit style, and more.  Alpha Omega Image Consulting offers in-person or online consultations.

Our Closet Outfit Planners also link you to where you can buy similar pieces to complete the outfits.  Find our Closet Outfit Planners on our Products page tab above.

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