Know Your Body Shape To Dress It Best

BODX body types Body Shape Determines How You Dress

It is important to know your body shape to dress it best.  First, it is important to understand your unique shape, height, and weight to create a balanced look when selecting your outfits. For centuries, symmetry has been touted by artists, plastic surgeons, and designers as visually appealing.  Dressing perfection is simply a perfect balance.   The idea is to focus on your assets and create the appeal of symmetry.  When clothes do not fit correctly or have the wrong lines for your body, you will look heavier, unbalanced, and less attractive.   Shape analysis informs you how to trick the viewer’s eye into seeing a more symmetrical body shape.  It’s a type of visual rebalancing by playing with line and proportion.

Balance Not Camouflage Problem Areas

Looking your best means knowing your body shape and dress for it, so your body looks proportional.  Dressing for your body shape does not mean camouflaging body parts but dressing for a more balanced appearance of your body.  Everyone has their beautiful assets so focus on those. Whether you are short, tall, slender, or curvy does not determine your body type.  Weight loss or weight gain can change your body shape.

We use the Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith BODX System.

There are numerous methods, or systems, for body type analysis as it relates to fashion. While it may benefit you to have a basic understanding of the ‘fruits and geometric shapes’ method, we will be using the Shari Braendel BODX system. Simply put, the system is based on where you gain weight. The ‘Fruit’ system is mostly based on bone structure—not weight. The BODX system is a straightforward system that addresses your problem areas and how to dress them for a more balanced look.  BODX stands for the four types of problem areas, and a person can have a combination, particularly if they are overweight.  The letters stand for Belly, Overly endowed, Derriere, and X for balanced.  Determining your body shape is not an exact science. Instead, it is a compass that points you in the direction of the type of proportions you have. Click on the top tab to TAKE THE FREE QUIZ and learn your Body Shape.

Learn how to best dress your body type and never buy clothes that do not flatter you again. 

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