Karen McGraa, Ph.D., has a diverse professional and academic background and has taught at various schools and universities in communications, media, and psychology. In addition to her Ph.D. in Media Psychology, she has Master’s degrees in Psychology and Communications and Interior Design, Life Coaching, and Image Consulting certificates. She instructed at the Port Hueneme Naval Base on international communications and has traveled to China, Japan, the Philippines, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and Alaska. Dr. McGraa has also worked in retail management and keeps abreast of fashion, color trends, style, and health. This combination of skills allows Dr. McGraa to help people improve their image from the beginning to the end. She begins with a color analysis to determine the best colors for the individual based on their skin, hair, eyes, body type, and desired image. Dr. McGraa can further analyze communication skills, body language, fitness, etiquette, organization, and other life skills. Read more about Karen here

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