Accessories Make Your Style Statement

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Make Your Style Statement With Accessories

Accessorizing your outfit allows you to make your personal style statement.  You can have classic pieces of clothing that will last over time but change them up with your accessories.  You don’t have to buy shoes to match all your outfits. For example, modeling schools had taught you to match the hem of your skirt to your shoes.  However, that meant you had to have many shoes if you had a large collection of skirts in different colors.

Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith developed the concept that you could look coordinated with one pair to start with shoes and a purse matching your hair color or close as you can get it.  So ladies with black hair, black shoes, black purse.  When you have light blond or white hair, go with a taupe, tan or beige shoe and purse, as white is limited to summer.  Brown hair goes with brown shoes and purse,…you get the idea.   When your budget allows, go for the other basic colors in your wardrobe that you would wear, and then select some of your pop colors when the budget allows.  Or like one of the gals did, go for your pop color after your hair color basic.  Don’t forget accessories like scarves, lightweight shawls, hair adornments, and hats.  All of your accessories create your style statement.

Consider Proportion, Scale, and Color

In addition to the basic shoes and purse colors matching your hair, you want to be sure that the scale of the size of your purse is in proportion to your body.  A large woman with a tiny purse looks larger than she really is.  A petite woman with a huge bag looks overpowered.  Your jewelry and eyeglasses need to also be in proportion to your body stature as well as your face shape and features.  Oh, and your colors will determine what metals and jewelry colors will look best on you.  Be sure the metal on your purse, shoes, and jewelry are the same to give continuity to your look.  Of course, this is an art, and you creatives love to break the rules.  Just know how to do it.

Can you wear gold, rose gold, or silver best?  Who can wear both silver and gold and when?

Suppose you don’t know your best colors, facial features, face shape, body type, and personal style. Then, make an appointment with The Image Doctor to learn how to make the most of your beautiful you.

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