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At The Image Doctor, you are important.  If you want to improve your image and self-perception, we will help you from start to finish.  Firstly, your image consultation begins with a color analysis to determine your best colors.  Your colors are based on your skin, hair, and eyes.  Wearing your best colors will improve your self-perception and how others see you.  Secondly, after your colors are determined, you will explore your personal style. You will better understand your best choices to look and feel fantastic at the end of your consultation.

Karen McGraa, Ph.D., The Image Doctor has a diverse professional and academic background.  She has taught at various schools and universities in communications, media, and psychology.  She earned a Ph.D. in Media Psychology and Master of Arts in both Psychology and Communications.

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Karen McGraa, Ph.D.,
The Image Doctor

In addition, she completed Interior Design, Life Coaching, and Image Consulting certifications.

After retiring from university teaching, she explored her experience in design, cosmetics, and color analysis.  With her combined skills, she became certified in image consulting.  She enjoys helping women be their personal best and seeing their spirits rise when their image confidence increases.  Dr. McGraa works with women entering the workforce and women in their later years who want an update on their colors and wardrobe.

Experienced in fashion, interior design, advertising, communications, and media psychology

Dr. McGraa worked in advertising, retail management, media, and fashion.  In addition, she keeps current on color trends, style, and media psychology.  She also maintains professional affiliations and ongoing training.  Moreover, she has first-hand experience working with many cultures, taught cross-cultural communications, and visited many countries.  In conclusion, your image consultation will be done by a well-trained professional with many style resources who can cover as many of the Image Doctor’s service options as you wish to explore.

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FMF Women Matter Initiative

Most importantly, through the Fashion Meets Faith Women Matter Initiative, Dr. McGraa offers style confidence workshops for women healing from crisis or distress.  These groups may include battered women facilities, senior centers, church groups, and medical rehab centers.  A sponsor is requested to purchase the materials for the women. Upon the group’s approved application, Dr. McGraa will offer her FMF Women Matter Initiative presentation for free.

She is currently working on a book about creating healing environments and resources for caretakers.  The book is based on her experience as a personal caretaker,  environmental psychology instructor, interior designer, and casework with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Hill Haven Convalescent Hospital.



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