Welcome to an Adventure of Self Discovery

The Image Doctor takes YOU on a discovery adventure!

You are about to take a journey where you may have never ventured before.  You will discover how color and your personal style can change how you feel and how people respond to you. Now, this is not an overstatement.  People decide their opinion about you within the first few moments they see you before saying a word.  Their thoughts may be completely incorrect, but this happens all the time in a matter of seconds.

Look healthier, younger, and feel better.

Many factors play into a person’s image but wearing your best colors and good grooming are the most impactful aspects of your best appearance.  Knowing your best colors will make you look healthier, younger, and feel better. Conversely, wrong colors against your face can make your complexion look unhealthy, emphasize lines in your face, and age you.  You will see this happen before your eyes when you have a color analysis.  You will not only learn your most flattering colors, but you will also learn about how color impacts others and how situations will determine which colors are best for you to wear for work, dates, and when you want to make a specific impression.

The Image Doctor will help you save time, money and have fun.

Knowing the best colors, lines, and styles to suit you best will save you time, money, and frustration.  Shopping for items to add to your wardrobe becomes fun and no longer disappointing.  When browsing in your closet for what to wear for different life occasions, you will find what you need.  No longer will you buy items that you don’t want to wear.  Less is more when curating a well-coordinated wardrobe.  You may only need to purchase a few new items and eliminate unflattering colors and styles to make a significant difference.  You will understand column dressing for your body type and how to accessorize to scale.  When you look your personal best, you will walk with greater confidence.


One decision can change everything! 

Let’s discuss what the best plan is for you.

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Karen McGraa, Ph.D., M.A., M.A., C.I.C.

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